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AIS: Journey from telco to techco

February 14, 2023 | TM Forum Web Support

Five minutes with Tanapong Ittisakulchai, Chief Enterprise Business Officer at AIS.

Q. You have had broad experience across different industries, what attracted you to AIS?

AIS is the first local Thai organization that I joined. I admire the vision and mission of the company to drive digital life. AIS continues to invest in advanced technologies and their people so we can transform ourselves from a telco to techco. This has great potential to impact Thailand Digital Economy. I believe that 5G will empower both enterprises and consumers to achieve more, essential to Thailand’s digital economy.

Q. What is different about the telecom industry?

In the telecom industry, digital transformation and 5G deployments are accelerating in tandem to deliver greater value to enterprise and consumer customers. In Thailand, where the government has rolled out Thailand 4.0 as a national digital transformation initiative, the telecom industry is well-positioned to transform from within and serve as the backbone for digital progress across industries. This is quite different from my experience both in scale and value proposition, which I think will be a great experience too.

Q. What is your primary role at AIS?

As Chief Enterprise Business Officer (CEBO), it is driving strategies and leading commercial business, from SMEs up to large enterprises, to serve solutions i.e., enterprise mobility, business network, business cloud, IoT/ M2M, ICT, cybersecurity, including digital services like digital marketing and digital payments.

Q. What issues will you be addressing in your keynote presentation at DTW Asia?

I will be talking about AIS’ data-driven business and digital transformation from a telco to techco – specifically how AIS is using data analytics to be a cognitive techco and data sovereignty in the telecom industry.


Join Tanapong at DTW Asia from 14-16 March in Bangkok. Tanapong will be speaking during the Opening Headliners session on Tuesday 15 March.

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