proof-of-concept projects

see innovation come to life

Catalysts are proof-of-concept projects developed collaboratively by TM Forum members from communications service providers and industry stakeholders.

At DTW Asia, Catalyst teams from around the globe will be showcasing their solutions to industry challenges in the innovation zone in the exhibition hall.

Meet them, find out what challenge they are addressing and see a demo of their solution. Keep an eye on the agenda so you don't miss their Catalyst Arena sessions. 

the catalysts

Translating customer needs into service and network intent- Phase II

Using Open APIs and open digital architecture (ODA), this Catalyst will demonstrate how to manage the lifecycle of a 5G network slice through its expressed business intent, enabling CPSs to create additional revenue streams and compelling 5G services.

URN: C23.5.466

Decentralized immutable platform: CSP collaboration – Phase V

This Catalyst is creating accurate, secure, and efficient contract management using a blockchain-based smart contract management system and accompanying applications.



Ethical AI

URN: C23.5.446


Channels & markets – Phase II

This Catalyst project seeks to make it easier for dynamic B2B2B marketplaces to form using TM Forum Open APIs. The solution will simplify and build on the configurability of TM Forum Open APIs, introducing new elements of configurability and making it easier for all types of marketplace participants to manage the configurable elements.

URN: C23.5.434

Autonomous networks hyperloops – Phase IV

This Catalyst examines how autonomous networks can be used to revolutionize solutions in the daily context of citizens’ needs, such as energy, weather conditions, industry work, tourism, sports, and cultural experiences. It aims to enable new business creation and by connecting more digital topics – such as digital twins, and metaverse with real-life drones, sensors, and triggers – people will be able to engage in more informed and higher-quality experiences, uninterrupted.

URN: C23.5.474


The metaverse experience: re-inventing telco business – Phase II

This Catalyst is working to advance the customer experience in the Metaverse by offering personalized customization in a metaverse storefront and a metaverse conference hall. This will empower telcos to reimagine the customer experience they can offer and give them insights into their feasibility.

URN: C23.5.454


Zero-touch digital marketplace – Phase IV

This Catalyst is working to reduce the complexity of B2B2X solutions through zero-touch partnering to enable CSPs to move beyond connectivity and become a true digital ecosystem provider.

URN: C23.5.459

Digital twin for network operation

This Catalyst aims to build a flexible testing environment through a digital twin-based intelligent network simulation platform for industry partners. This will provide an open ecosystem for CSPs, research institutes, vendors, and integrators to improve their opportunities for pooling resources, best practices, and capabilities for dealing with user interactions, data collection, network simulation, visualization, and optimizing decision-making.

URN: C23.5.457


5G enablement through industry standardized APIs

The vision of this Catalyst solution, which involves defining a unified API specification across TM Forum and CAMARA, is to enable enterprise customers to control session data traffic and quality. This will give CSPs a more satisfied customer base by achieving a seamless enhanced experience and new partner revenue streams monetizing customer needs.

URN: C23.5.451