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Driving growth in Indonesia

February 10, 2023 | TM Forum Web Support

Five minutes with Vikram Sinha, CEO of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison.

Q. You have worked in multiple telco markets, what is different about Indonesia?
Indonesia is my fifth country and I consider myself a global citizen. I think the most significant difference in the telco industry in Indonesia is its geographical characteristics which consist of many islands, archipelagos, and mountains.

Therefore, the telco industry requires high CAPEX investment to improve network experience within this
environment. However, at the same time, Indonesia is among the fastest-developing telecommunications market in the world, driven by growth in both mobile and fixed broadband subscriptions. With an internet
penetration of 74% and mobile penetration of 133%, while well developed, we have a lot more opportunity to grow.

Q. What are the biggest challenges you are facing right now?
Currently, the biggest challenge that we are facing is how to remain current and relevant in this ever-changing environment. As we return to normal life post-pandemic, there are pivotal changes that we will experience.

The challenge for us is to adapt and stay relevant as the world and our customers evolve. To
meet our customers’ needs in these changing times, we are committed to delivering a marvelous experience for our customers.

Q. How is your digital transformation progressing, and have there been any surprises in the

At IOH, we are focusing on postmerger integration to deliver synergy values over 3 to 5 years. We have helped improve digital transformation in Indonesia by providing 4G throughout the country and introducing the 5G service.

MSMEs are the key driver of economic recovery in Indonesia, and we want to unlock their potential in
the digital world by being with them at every step of their journey. We have launched IDE (Indosat
Digital Ecosystem) to equip them with the necessary skills to digitize their businesses and provide an advisory for them to grow to the next level.

We also launched UCan (in collaboration with Bank QNB Indonesia) and Bima Kredit (in partnership with Maucash) as digital loan services to support the MSMEs in growing their businesses.

Q. As part of the Ooredoo group, how much do you depend on HQ and other properties for support and ideas?
On January 4, we completed a merger that combines two highly complementary businesses, Indosat Ooredoo and Hutchison 3 Indonesia, to create a new world-class digital telecoms and internet company for Indonesia.

Over the past year, both shareholders have been supporting us in every step of our journey. With their support, we can utilize global experience and network in collaborating and bringing solutions for the people of Indonesia.

Q. Do you think 5G will deliver growth, and if so, how?
Yes, I think 5G is the next big thing for the telecom market in Indonesia. We are waiting for the 5G ecosystem readiness, i.e., spectrum auctions, devices, and hardware, etc. We believe that 5G is unlocking new use cases and revenue streams which will eventually result in healthy growth and enterprises will rely more on 5G.

With the 5G service, we can enhance the mobile broadband experience, potentially incremental rise in
productivity, emerging new businesses, innovation to enable technological adoption of IoT, Big Data, autonomous cars, and drones, greater possibilities of shifting into smart cities, and further advancements in the fourth industrial revolution.

Q. What will you be sharing with us as a headliner at DTW Asia in March?
As we talk about the theme of driving growth, staying relevant, and creating a sense of purpose, I will share our story of how IOH continues empowering Indonesia by accelerating its digital economy growth.

Join Vikram at DTW Asia from 14-16 March in Bangkok. Vikram will be speaking during the Opening Headliners on 14 March.

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