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NexTech startup program

The NexTech startup program connects startups with CSPs and technology suppliers to strengthen the ecosystem and inspire the next wave of innovation and growth.

NexTech provides access to global tech leaders to ignite conversations and build partnerships that enable startups to scale.

These innovative startups are helping to build the telecommunications sector of the future, transforming any telco become a real techco.


the NexTech startups

InSync Information Technologies

INSYNC is a product and services startup focused on network automation and orchestration solutions for CSPs.

Focused on 5G network exposure capabilities, Nabstract is building the platform to enable Telco to increase its role in the evolving Public Cloud, Enterprise (Verticals) & Telco Space. We are now seeking to Launch products & build our engineering team & establish GTM.


An integrated platform that unifies verification methods and data sources to stay compliant in SEA, mitigate online frauds, and automate decisions in a minute.

WeavAir is a data collection IoT and expert system software for decarbonization and safety.



ZTRUS provides automatic data entry service with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AI-based cognitive templates designed for various types of documents.



NexTech: Turning Telco’s into Techco’s in collaboration with startups

Tuesday, 14 March | 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Come and join us for a thrilling session to discover how corporates can lean on startups to ignite their innovation cycle as well as to discover innovative startups working to help build the telecommunications sector of the future, and be part of the transformation wave to help any telco become a real techno.
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