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Orchestration brings the next generation of network intelligence

April 4, 2023 | Jenny Kessman

With the rapid growth of the cloud market, the network architecture evolves to a cloud network based on SDN/NFV with a data center as the core. Network intelligence and automatic is critical for CSPs, Autonomous Network (AN) becomes the core mechanism of the next generation of the telecom industry, with edge-cut techniques and solutions to drive efficient network services to customers.

Orchestration under AN architecture is essential for the agile operation and shortens time to market needs: Customers order network infrastructure components and related services, entire equipment and construction plan will be designed and delivered according to their business needs within a few hours — Network as a Service is not far away from us.

Inspur awareness

Inspur aware of network revolution and innovation that driving AN solution for intelligent operation and maintenance to realize the automation of network resources for each domain, IT services, and network planning, design, assurance, and optimization across multiple domains, finally enabling the best possible customer service and partner business.

Inspur AN architecture consists of a fault center, resource center, quality center, O&M center, and business support center, in order to connect with customer business and realize visual monitoring and management of end-to-end operation processes, establishing a service orchestration center is necessary to support the rapid development of cloud business. Inspur raised the following visions to realize the network as a service supported by cloud network integration:

  • Full-service orchestration: breakthrough breakpoints, cross-domain collaboration, support and ensure the end-to-end orchestration of CHBN’s key businesses.
  • IT capability construction: visual and flexible arrangement, concatenation of atomic capabilities and service models, and application practice.
  • Business capability precipitation: digital precipitation of network capabilities, network services, business templates, etc. for the arrangement of upper applications.

Inspur aims to drive a service orchestration center to coordinate cross-professional resource allocation, automatic activation, project implementation, and other sub-processes, provide a unified interface to connect the operation support center with the business support center, and realize management of end-to-end customer service processes. Facing the network of future cloud-network integration, through the encapsulation of network capabilities and the decoupling of network services, fast and flexible design and definition of products can be realized, the time of service launch can be accelerated, and the support of service design, activation, operation, and maintenance integration can be achieved. Based on the opening of network capabilities, through the design and decoupling of network services, rapid product assembly can also be realized.

Inspur service orchestration solution

Inspur Service Orchestration Solution builds a unified and open cloud network capability based on the cloud network operating system and creates an end-to-end self-service capability, coordinates the online and offline resource allocation, automatic activation, project implementation, and other sub-processes of each system, and provides a standardized opening interface to connect with Business-domain system. The main features of the Inspur SO solution are listed as follows:

  • Cross-domain & Cross-Vendor: Data collection and service provisioning for multiple domains and multiple vendors to maximize the data value and Industry convergence.
  • Design & Orchestration: Visual design and orchestration to help customers achieve various services, and adapt to network evolution rapidly.
  • Zero Touch Provisioning: Automatically mapping corresponding instructions for service and controllers to reduce TTM and improve customer experience, as well as to partners.
  • Close-Loop Automation: End-to-end service topology monitoring with OSS indicators. AI-based multi-dimensional analysis to identify potential problems and perform troubleshooting operations.
  • Multi-Tenancy: Support multi-tenancy for different MVNOs self-monitoring with security and isolation of tenancy’s business and resources.

It not only meets the requirements of customer business self-service ordering, but also supports the integration of cloud network business opening, automatic configuration, intelligent operation, and maintenance, and provides a visual, manageable, and controllable one-stop product service experience.

Successful Scenarios

Inspur has successfully delivered service orchestration solutions to many CSPs. With the increasing needs of customers and fierce competition in the telecom industry, traditional networks are evolving to SDN and 5G networks which require software tools need to adapt to the new networks and urgently need a flexible tool to meet the changing needs of customers. Most CSPs have a huge amount of resources and business lines in different network domains, resulting in high communication costs, low provisioning efficiency, and a long provisioning cycle.

Also, for service fulfillment, they adopt manual configuration for line service and cloud service provision of industrial internet companies, instead of automatic orchestration, in which the period is too long to fit customer expectations, leading to poor customer satisfaction. Also, Lack of service monitoring views and effective operation and maintenance tools, resulting in insufficient service assurance.

Inspur SO solution helps CSPs achieve:

SO orchestration center provides auto resource allocation with cross-domain and cross-vendor to realize zero-touch provisioning. E2E service monitoring view with alarms and indicators to improve the efficiency of service assurance. Closed-loop network assurance based on AI/ML including KPI forecasting, fault auto-recovery, and anomaly detection to realize intelligent network service. Flexible design and orchestration of cloud and network services, result in agile product launch and service provisioning, then improve overall customer experience. Automatic activation, and visualized O&M also improve work efficiency and reduced labor costs.

Inspur Service and resource orchestration solution will realize the revolution of the way of customer service and resource delivery, effectively upgrade telco service provider’s core competitiveness, also achieve complete network intelligence, make the network more flexible, and reduce the cost of network opening, operation, and maintenance.

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