AIOps – can the promise be realized?

Wednesday, 15 March 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Stage: Transform

Selma Belhadj Amor, Senior Consultant AI, Altman Solon
Aaron Boasman-Patel, Vice President, AI, Labs & Innovation, TM Forum 

CASE STUDY: AIOps: Developing a practical framework for AI-driven operations 

  • Operating an independent process framework to manage the deployment of AI within current and target state architectures 
  • Utilizing an agnostic AIOps service management framework for maximum flexibility 
  • Lessons learned from applying TM Forum’s AIOps Service Management Framework, Open Digital Framework (ODF) and Open Digital Architecture (ODA) 
  • Expectations for the future development of AIOps – where do we go from here? 

Takuya Miyasaka, Senior Manager, KDDI Research

CASE STUDY: China Telecom's wireless autonomous network technology and application

  • Coping with the challenges of legacy networks and how AIOps can help to reduce costs 
  • Utilizing conversational AI support for automated human interactions and NLP for text-based interactions to reduce customer care costs 
  • Demonstrating how improved planning leads to reduced CAPEX, drastically reduced OPEX, and an enhanced NPS score

Qian Bing, R&D Director, China Telecom 

FIRESIDE CHAT: Combining big data and AI in efficient 5G network problem-solving  

  • Bringing AI value to every phase of the network lifecycle – from planning and design to smart maintenance and security 
  • Responding to the need to make the network more intelligent, agile and predictive 
  • Defining the various uses of AI within the network – from operation-focused AI to service-focused AI 
  • How digital transformation accelerates service innovation but requires greater automation abilities 
  • Utilizing higher levels of automation to handle increasing network complexity and ensure that network resources are utilised more efficiently – what more needs to be done? 

Jinsoo Jang, Team Leader, NW Big Data Engineering Team, LG U+
Marcin Nowak, Senior Solution Manager OSS, Comarch 

ASK THE SPEAKERS: Identifying the risks and mistakes to avoid when scaling up AI operations 

  • How can you achieve AI-powered intelligent operations at scale? 
  • Overcoming the challenges of distributed data sources, introducing standardized data definitions and proper data management 
  • Determining a detailed strategy on how to provide a scalable solution to handle accessing, organizing, curating disparate datasets 
  • What skillsets do teams need to scale AI effectively? Highlighting the benefits of establishing a Center of Excellence for AI 


Jinsoo Jang, Team Leader, NW Big Data Engineering Team, LG U+
Marcin Nowak, Senior Solution Manager OSS, Comarch 
Takuya Miyasaka, Senior Manager, KDDI Research
Qian Bing, R&D Director, China Telecom 


Aaron Boasman-Patel

Vice President, AI, Labs & Innovation
TM Forum

Jinsoo Jang

Team Leader, NW Big Data Engineering Team
LG Uplus

Marcin Nowak

Senior Solution Manager OSS

Qian Bing

R&D Director
China Telecom

Selma Belhadj Amor

Senior Consultant
Altman Solon

Takuya Miyasaka

Senior manager
KDDI Corporation and KDDI Research