Autonomous Networks Summit: Accelerating towards intelligent network automation

Tuesday, 14 March 2023
1:45 pm - 3:35 pm |    Add to calendar
Stage: Leadership

This is an invite-only session in partnership with Huawei. If you are interested in attending, please submit your interest here and we will be in touch. 

Autonomous Networks (AN) powered alongside other technologies such as AI, big data, cloud, and edge computing will make services quicker, cheaper and simpler to deploy and manage. AN will enable operators to unlock new revenues from industrial 5G and B2B2x opportunities by effectively managing billions of devices connected to the internet with ultra-low latency and high reliability.  

Join us as we explore the latest industry developments in Autonomous Networks, discover best practices, and learn from the achievements of successful AN implementations. 

TM Forum Welcome 

  • Defining the current state of the industry and various factors affecting the pace of change 
  • Where do we see Autonomous Networks heading? 
  • How quickly will we see mass deployment of autonomous networks and what still needs to be done to make that happen? 

George Glass, CTO, TM Forum 

Autonomous networks: Empowering digital transformation 

  • Reviewing the latest developments in Autonomous Networks industry 
  • Analysing the drivers of, and obstacles to, the implementation of Autonomous Networks 
  • How CSPs can implement autonomous networks, and what might help to accelerate adoption 
  • Recommendations for CSPs to plan the journey to highly Autonomous Networks 

Aaron Boasman-Patel, Vice President, AI, Data & Operations, TM Forum 

Accelerate to level 4 by harnessing the potential of Autonomous Networks 

  • How AN empowers the Cognitive TechCo Strategy 
  • Summarizing the latest progress of AN Implementation 
  • Detailing AN target architecture for L3 and Beyond and L3 practice in 2023 
  • How AN enables new business growth 

Wasit Wattanasap, Head of Nationwide Operation & Support Business Unit, AIS 

China Telecom cloud network operation self-intelligence development status 

  • Summarizing the progress of China Telecom’s cloud network intelligence and developmental processes to date 
  • Detailing successful China Telecom cloud network operation use cases 
  • Why China Telecom has opted for a cloud network operation with a self-intelligent ecological construction 

Mao Dongfeng, Deputy General Manager, Cloud Network Operation Department, China Telecom 

Leveraging Autonomous Networks to enable vertical industry digital transformation 

  • Understanding the drivers and challenges of the vertical transformation 
  • Exploring the role of AN in vertical industry digital transformation 
  • Determining how to deliver our new “disruptive” service which can be completely autonomous 
  • Showcasing a new AN smart-education and smart-tourist case study 

Christian Maitre, Group Director in Charge of Development and Strategy of Smart Cities, Orange 

Get Ready for 5.5G Era by Starting AN Journey towards L4 

  • The vision of 5.5G era and why AN L4 is a must in 5.5G era 
  • How Huawei’s Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) solution benefits CSPs. 
  • Applying autonomous principles to improve customer experience, quality of service, business performance and efficiency  
  • Exploring the journey towards level 4 Autonomous Networks 

Steven Zheng, ADN Chief Marketing Officer, Huawei 

Striving towards AN Level 4 Autonomous Operations 

  • How leading CSPs have implemented L3 autonomous networks
  • How a L4 CSP will operate differently  
  • How to achieve Level 4 operations autonomy

Mark Mortensen, Principal Analyst, ACG Research 


Aaron Boasman-Patel

Vice President, AI, Labs & Innovation
TM Forum

Christian Maitre

Group Director in Charge of Development and Strategy of Smart Cities

George Glass

TM Forum

Mao Dongfeng

Deputy General Manager, Cloud Network Operation Dept.
China Telecom

Mark Mortensen

Principal Analyst
ACG Research

Steven Zheng

ADN Chief Marketing Officer
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd

Wasit Wattanasap

Head of Nationwide Operation & Support Business Unit