Beyond Connectivity: Unlocking growth with digital platforms, orchestration and B2B2X models

Tuesday, 14 March 2023
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Stage: Leadership

This is an invite-only session. If you are interested in attending, please submit your interest here and we will be in touch.

With many CSPs now rolling out costly 5G standalone networks, they are increasingly compelled to determine effective ways to monetize their existing infrastructure investments. Multi-party marketplaces are therefore gaining traction as a way for CSPs to generate new revenues, make their network services more easily and cost-effectively available to customers and partners and to build brand loyalty too.   

In this TM Forum Spotlight session, industry experts, thought leaders and executives unite to share their insights, experiences and best practices in B2B2X monetization. The speakers will review the latest trends and opportunities for CSPs to leverage their existing assets and capabilities to unlock new revenue streams and consider the impact of B2B2X monetization strategies on customer loyalty, and how collaboration, co-creation, and co-innovation contribute to building successful marketplaces.  

By attending this event, CSPs will gain fresh insight and inspiration for developing and implementing new 5G monetization strategies and determine how best to unlock new sources of revenue growth while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

New economics of CSPs: Emerging B2B2X models  

  • TM Forum welcome and introduction   
  • Why CSPs have two key assets: their networks and their relationships with their customers.  
  • Emphasizing the need for CSPs to demonstrate innovation and flexibility above to stay competitive and establish leadership in the market.  
  • Reviewing the role of marketplaces to enable growth through partnerships.   
  • Expectations for how the market will develop and what will be required to realize frictionless trading at scale.  

Joann O’Brien, VP, Ecosystems and Labs, TM Forum  

The Dynamic Service Provider (DSP) in the era of SDN and B2B2X

  • Why the era of B2B2X requires dynamic and flexible business models.
  • The importance of dynamic interoperability in multi-faceted B2B2X.   
  • Why CSPs will need dynamic catalog-driven architectures. 

Haifa El Ashkar, Director of Strategy, Telecommunications Market and Solutions, CSG 

Why charging and billing are vital to maximizing B2B2X opportunities  

  • Why CPQ is critical in B2B2X relationships, where sales processes are complex and require personalization and customization.  
  • Reviewing CPQ tools’ role in simplifying the sales process, improve revenue and profitability, enhance collaboration, and deliver an exceptional customer experience  
  • How CPQ is vital in underpinning a successful marketplace and why ZTP is critical to B2B2X marketplaces  
  • Summarizing the role of TM Forum and Open APIs  

Greg Tilton, VP, DGIT Product Line, CSG

Benefits of implementing a Converged Charging System (CCS)  

  • Determining the benefits of utilizing a flexible, agile and cloud-native converged charging system to quickly build charging and policy models for any use case  
  • How to rapidly monetize of all types of use cases on one platform, protecting revenues while trialing new business models  
  • How converged charging can help to control and monetize network slices, edge-based deployments and 5G use cases like AR/VR, gaming, massive IoT and critical IoT  

Mayoor Mahendra, Vice President (Networks), CSG 

Panel Session: Determining how to build an effective 5G partner ecosystem  

  • Building your partner ecosystem – which types of partnerships will deliver the highest ROI for CSPs?   
  • How is the growth journey different for companies and regions not yet transitioned to 5G?  
  • How should you orchestrate partnerships within the ecosystem and what tools do you need?  

Joann O’Brien, VP, Ecosystems and Labs, TM Forum  
Gary Kho, FVP & Head of IT Architecture, Planning & Governance,  PLDT 
Thomas Hundt, Group Chief Strategy & Technology Officer, Axiata 
Namal Jayathilake, Chief Technology Officer, Axiata Digital Labs


Gary Kho

IT Architecture, Planning & Governance/Head
PLDT/Smart Philippines

Greg Tilton

VP, DGIT Product Line

Haifa El Ashkar

Revenue Management - Market & Solutions, Strategy Lead

Joann O’Brien

Vice President, Digital Ecosystems
TM Forum

Mayoor Mahendra

Vice President Networks

Namal Jayathilake

Chief Technology Officer
Axiata Digital Labs

Thomas Hundt

Group Chief Strategy & Technology Officer

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