Building the network of the future

Wednesday, 15 March 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Stage: Studio

Sharanjit Leyl, International Broadcaster
George Glass, CTO, TM Forum

INTERVIEW: Implementing a secure Open RAN to create agile, flexible and programmable networks

  • Why Open RAN is crucial for 4G expansion and 5G evolution
  • Addressing the integration challenges associated with bring together 
  • How to ensure interoperability in a carrier grade environment
  • Securing a cloud native, multi-vendor Open RAN architecture 
  • Quantifying cost efficiencies achieved from deploying Open RAN solutions 

Thomas Hundt, Group Chief Strategy & Technology Officer, Axiata Group
Interviewer: George Glass, CTO, TM Forum

INTERVIEW: Building and managing an edge infrastructure

  • Deciding how much of the edge infrastructure will be provided by a hyperscalers
  • How to manage workload orchestration across a vast number of edge endpoints
  • Developing an edge operations model 
  • Building a cross-functional team of experienced IT and network engineers to manage the edge infrastructure

Ashiq Khan, VP, Head of Cloud Infrastructure R&D Division, Softbank
Interviewer: Ian Turkington, VP Architecture & APIs, TM Forum

    CASE STUDY: Implementing the transformation on 5G SA

    • How to deploy the orchestration platform
    • Fostering deep cooperation with cloud service providers 
    • Streamlining network operation by using CSMF/NSMF and inband OAM and implementing autonomous network operations and service provisioning
    • Adapting digital services by upgrading products based on BAF Mode (Basic-Advanced-Flexible multi-dimensional business model) 

    Linghua Zhang, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, True Corporation

    Leveraging all-photonics networks to reduce energy consumption

    • Edge/MEC business opportunity
    • Energy efficiency through all photonics networks
    • Catalyst utilization for the opportunity with the technology

    Ryuichi Matsuo, Executive Officer, Network & Cloud Division, Platform Services Department, NTT Group

    CASE STUDY: Enabling seamless access to telco network capabilities with APIs

    •  How to simplify telco network complexity using APIs and make the APIs available across telco networks and countries using CAMARA 
    • Availability across telco networks and countries is necessary to:      
      • ensure seamless customer experience
      • accelerate technology development and commercial adoption (minimize implementation effort)
      • accelerate education and promotion
      • support application portability
    • Current network API families
    • Fast growing ecosystem partners

    Nathan Rader, VP of Service and Capability Exposure, Deutsche Telekom


    Ashiq Khan

    VP, Head of Cloud Infrastructure R&D Division

    George Glass

    TM Forum

    Ian Turkington

    VP, Architecture & APIs
    TM Forum

    Linghua Zhang

    Deputy CTO
    True Corporation

    Nathan Rader

    VP of Service and Capability Exposure
    Deutsche Telekom

    Ryuichi Matsuo

    Executive Vice President, Global Data Centers division

    Thomas Hundt

    Group Chief Strategy & Technology Officer