Creating the tech roadmap for the future proofed telco

Tuesday, 14 March 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Stage: Studio

Sharanjit Leyl, International Broadcaster
Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum 

INTERVIEW: Rakuten Mobile’s 5G tech road map

  • Rakuten as a disruptive player – how have you grown over the last 2 years – network, services, customers
  • What is the plan for 5G?
  • Where are you at with 5G roll out plans?
  • What does your team look like – how does your operating model underline your plan?

Sharad Sriwastawa, CTO, Rakuten Mobile 
Interviewer: Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum

CASE STUDY: Adopting a multi-cloud approach to maximize efficiency and spend optimization

  • Why a multi-cloud strategy may be the best solution to minimizing risks to telcos’ business interests in terms of agility, negotiating power and data sovereignty 
  • Addressing the challenges when working with more than one hyperscaler  
  • Determining which multi-cloud strategy works best for your company based on hyperscaler alignment with your business needs – why would you choose one over the other? 
  • How can CSPs offer orchestrated multi-cloud capabilities across a wide range of use cases 
  • How to prevent vendor lock-in when designing a multi-cloud environment 

Asitha de Costa, Chief Information Officer, Ezecom

INTERVIEW: Axiata’s journey from telco to techco 

  • How is a techco different from a telco? 
  • How did Axiata get started on the journey? 
  • How to get buy-in from business partners 
  • What is different now that Axiata is a techco? 

Namal Jayathilake, Chief Technology Officer Engineering, Axiata Digital Labs
Interviewer: George Glass, CTO, TM Forum 

PANEL: Developing cloud native IT agility 

  • How to choose the right technology and delivery model for achieving true business agility
  • of IT systems
  • Why going cloud-native is essential for agility in a 5G era
  • Evolving networks and IT systems to unlock agility across the business
  • Enabling Agile delivery in multi-partner environment
  • Understanding how best to apply DevOps and CI/CD

Moderator: Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum 
Jawwad Zaki, IT Director, Telenor Asia
Achim Hueck, Head of Network Apps and Cloud Infra, Ericsson
Muhammad Salman Sami, Director Of Business Development, Whale Cloud


Achim Hueck

Head of Core Networks, Market Area South East Asia, Oceania and India

Asitha De Costa

Chief Information Officer

George Glass

TM Forum

Jawwad Zaki

IT Director
Telenor Asia

Mark Newman

Chief Analyst
TM Forum

Muhammad Salman Sami

Business Development Director, MEA
Whale Cloud

Namal Jayathilake

Chief Technology Officer
Axiata Digital Labs

Sharad Sriwastawa

Rakuten Mobile