Growth: Delivering value to different customer segments

Wednesday, 15 March 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Stage: Transform

Joann O'Brien, VP Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum
Manoj Menon, Founder, twimbit


CASE STUDY: Creating new revenue growth from the enterprise NaaS market

  • How can CSPs take a lead in transforming the NaaS opportunity into revenue growth?
  • What does a competitive NaaS solution and offering look like?
  • Understanding the NaaS needs and requirements of the requirements of the enterprise market
  • Building a Naas platform to create new digital offerings
  • What organizational, cultural and technical changes are necessary to capitalize on the NaaS opportunity?

Ricky Chau, Chief Strategy Officer, CBC Tech

CASE STUDY: How AIS is unlocking new growth opportunities from the SME segment

  • New products: diversifying for SME non-telco product portfolio
  • New channels: enlarging and enhancing SME channels, both offline and online
  • New services: serving SME during the pandemic by full e-services

Navachai Kiartkorkuaa, Head of Enterprise Marketing and SME Business Management Section, AIS

PANEL: Collaborating with partners on B2B solutions to accelerate growth
Moderator: Melanie Bell, Managing Director, Strategy and Consulting, Communications and Media, Accenture
Edsa Cabrera, Director – Emerging Tech and Innovation, TELUS Business Solutions
Jeffrey Hebb, Vice President of Customer Success, Beyond Now
Sanjay Dhar, Managing Director, Strategy and Consulting, Communications and Media, Accenture 


Jeffrey Hebb

Vice President of Customer Success
Beyond Now

Joann O’Brien

Vice President, Digital Ecosystems
TM Forum

Manoj Menon


Maria Edsa Cabrera

Director, Emerging Technology & Industry Innovation
TELUS Business Solutions

Melanie Bell

Managing Director, Strategy and Consulting, Communications and Media

Navachai Kiartkorkuaa

Head of Enterprise Marketing Management and SME Business Section

Ricky Chau

Chief Strategy Officer
CBC Tech