ODA for Growth

Thursday, 16 March 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Stage: Studio

George Glass, CTO, TM Forum

CASE STUDY: Bringing ODA to life in Axiata with ADL’s Axonect product suite

  • Axiata's journey towards an API driven, digital software stack supporting rapid digital transformation
  • Key Axonect products driving transformation (API platforms, DTE, marketplace)
  • ODA alignment and implementation within the larger integrated ecosystem
  • Changing the way of working aligned to these frameworks
  • Challenges faced and how they were overcome
  • Plans for future advancements (enabling telco to techCo transformation)

Namal Jayathilake, Chief Technology Officer Engineering, Axiata Digital Labs    

CASE STUDY: Digital Services Marketplace
Zero-touch Digital Marketplace is a platform that hosts cross-industry solutions which enables the CSP to move beyond connectivity and become a digital ecosystem provider. The platform is built on TMF ODA & APIs.

  • ZTP delivered for a successful ecosystem creation
  • Multiple cross industry use cases demonstrated (sustainability – intelligent spaces, healthcare, smart stadiums, cloud gaming)
  • N/W Slice LCM achieved with a real 5G provider
  • ODA aligned greenfield BSS / OSS stack

Aloysius Ong, Director, Sales Engineering, Colt Asia
Elaine Haher, Director, Business Solution Architecture, CMT, Cognizant

CASE STUDY: Collaborating easily with partners by standardizing to TM Forum's Open APIs and ODA 

Kelvin Chua, Head of R&D, Engineering,        



Aloysius Ong

Director, Sales Engineering
Colt Asia

Elaine Haher

Director, Business Solution Architecture, CMT

George Glass

TM Forum

Kelvin Chua

Head of R&D Engineering

Namal Jayathilake

Chief Technology Officer
Axiata Digital Labs