Operating models for the new techco

Tuesday, 14 March 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Stage: Studio

Sharanjit Leyl, International Broadcaster
Tony Poulos, Contributing Analyst, TM Forum

INTERVIEW: Developing a blue print for a faster, leaner and more agile operating model

  • How will the operating model have to evolve to manage the new demands of Cloud and 5G services?
  • What traditional mindsets and beliefs must be challenged in order to succeed in evolving operating models?
  • Creating a flatter organization, instilling DevOps principles and driving cross-functional working
  • Fostering a “try it and fail fast” approach – making it easy for teams to experiment, innovate and develop new services 
  • Bridging the gaps between organizational silos to deliver the required agility

Varinder Singla, SVP – Head of IT & Operating Model, dtac
Interviewer: Joann O'Brien, VP Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum

CASE STUDY: Fostering a growth mindset with a startup culture

  • How to instil the purpose 
  • Engaging company values
  • Driving agility in work culture

Yuni Lee Heathcote, CEO, EZECOM

INTERVIEW: TechCo in a box
Gary Liew, MD, Platforms, MyRepublic Digital
Tony Kalcina, CTO, MyRepublic Digital
Interviewer: Tony Poulos, Contributing Analyst, TM Forum

CASE STUDY: Creating new value with a techco mindset 
The key principles of becoming a techco 
The pillars of value creation and how to enable them 
How to navigate the partner landscape with new business models 
CSP case studies on their techco transformations 

Susan White, Head of Strategy and Portfolio Marketing, Netcracker 


Gary Liew

MD, Platforms
MyRepublic Digital

Joann O’Brien

Vice President, Digital Ecosystems
TM Forum

Susan White

Head of Strategy and Marketing

Tony Kalcina

MyRepublic Digital

Tony Poulos

Industry Insights Advisor
TM Forum

Varinder Singla

Senior VP & Head of IT

Yuni Lee Heathcote

Chief Executive Officer