speaker bio

Natalia Mykhaylova

CEO - WeavAir

Dr. Natalia Mykhaylova has a background in technology, business, design and life science. She has a BASc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, a PhD in Chemical Engineering as well a design background. She has 14 years of experience with carbon emission monitoring, energy efficiency and wellness IoT product and algorithm development. She founded Clean Tech companies in Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Poland.
She worked in business development in these geographies as well as in Germany, Spain, Taiwan, Chile, Netherlands and Austria. She has experience with sales and adapting tech for industrial, healthcare, commercial and transportation systems. She has received Energy Globe Award, GGEF Eco Gamechanger Award, APAC Fintech Emerging Leader Award and has been named MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 Asia Pacific, Corporate Knights Top 30 Under 30 in Sustainability, Clean Top 50 Emerging Leaders and received over 20 business and innovation awards.

Tuesday 14 March | 11:00 am - 12:30 pm | ICT
NexTech: Turning telcos into techcos in collaboration with startups
Come join us for a thrilling session to discover startups working to shape the future of the Telecommunications industry. Each startup will have only 6 minutes to pitch and answer the questions of an experts committee