speaker bio

Utpal Mangla

General Manager, Industry EDGE Cloud - IBM

Utpal Mangla ( MBA, PEng, CMC, ITCP, PMP, ITIL, CSM, FBCS ) is a General Manager responsible for Telco Industry & EDGE Clouds in IBM. Prior to that, he was the Vice President and Senior Partner in IBM. He is a recognized Global Leader of IBM’s Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment (TME) Industry. He is focussed on driving AI, 5G EDGE, Hybrid Cloud and Blockchain Innovations for TME clients worldwide. In his role as senior executive in the business and thought leader in emerging technologies, Utpal’s mission is to fuel growth by building, selling and implementing differentiated competitive market service solution offerings to meeting critical business imperatives of our customers.

Under Utpal's leadership, IBM recently achieved the company's mission of making "Watson AI touch 1.5 Billion Consumers” and creation of four “Telco Industry Blockchain platforms”. Utpal is at the forefront of making Hybrid Cloud and 5G / EDGE technologies real for enterprises across the globe by deploying, scaling and replicating B2B solutions. Utpal’s team is leading the Distributed Cloud & EDGE transformation agenda for our cross-industry clients globally Utpal has been with IBM (and PwC) since 1998. With 20+ years of consulting, system integration, customer relationships, program delivery and industry experience, Utpal brings depth of expertise and knowledge on building, running and scaling businesses. Recognized as a “top talent”, Utpal has deep experience across all pillars of IBM business including complex program management, turning around DE engagements, sales, account / sector and practice management.

Some accomplishments that Utpal is proud of include turning around many complex client engagements, scaling Bell Canada Telecommunications Test Center of Excellence to delivering double-digit revenue growth for over 20 successive quarters and being recognized as leading Quality Engineering account by pioneering new innovations. Utpal also led the build of first AI Customer Care ‘Telco, Media industry’ offering in IBM, scaling Watson AI to over 50 carrier clients globally and building roadmap for expanding Industry ecosystem with ventures & acquisitions. A ‘Best of IBM’ honoree, his team is recipient of numerous awards including prestigious 2020, 2021 Global Quality Engineering awards, 2022 Intl. Communications System Network Research & 2019 TMForum Outstanding Catalyst Business awards.