How to build a data-driven CSP

Wednesday, 15 March 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Stage: Studio


Aaron Boasman-Patel, Vice President, AI & Customer Experience, TM Forum
Sharanjit Leyl, International Broadcaster 

FIRESIDE CHAT: Creating a data-driven framework to break down silos and execute data governance 

  • Emphasizing the importance of making sure that the data in an organisation is properly organised so that it can really aid the business 
  • Calling for all data to be governed correctly to keep customer data safe and build customer trust 
  • How PLDT implemented a working from home culture during the pandemic, and kept data safe and secure to ensure sustained services and customer experience and revenue growth 
  • Detailing PLDT’s SIM card registration platform which was only recently implemented once a secure environment to protect customer data had been properly established, as security is a main concern of subscribers 
  • Complying to regulators and building an environment to enable others to process data safely and improve the revenue

Angel Redoble, Chief Information Security Officer, PLDT, Philippines 

CASE STUDY: Becoming a data-driven CSP: Improving data efficiencies 

  • Evolving Axiata's digitization and analytics (DNA) journey through to implementation towards impact, leveraging TM Forum's Digital Maturity Model Framework (DMM), Big Data Analytics (BDA) & Anticipated Impact Measurement & Monitoring (AIMM)
  • Achieving maturity through Open APIs and ODA through development of DTE by ADL 
  • Using data and analytics to improve back-office and customer-facing functions and improve them through a cohesive, data-driven strategy 
  • Leveraging AI to look across data sets of customer issues and offer agents remedies for how to quickly solve customer problems, reducing time to resolution and empowering more effective agents 

Saady Ahmed, Head of Axiata Group Analytics, Axiata Group
Shasidharan Prapakaran, Head of Group Synergy & Digitisation, Axiata Group

INTERVIEW: Using data analytics to provide insight across all aspects of the business 

  • How to benefit from integrating OSS, BSS, network and customer data to provide insight across all aspects of the business 
  • How to develop new services using technologies such as 5G and edge, utilizing real-time insights from both network and customer data 
  • Using AI to detect and resolve network anomalies faster, improving CX 
  • Using the cloud to deliver integrated operational data, consistent security and privacy policies and offer better, proactive protection 

Asif Iqbal, Head of Data & AI CoE, Maxis Berhad, Malaysia 

Panel Discussion: Reflections on building a data-driven CSP 

  • Improving service quality and network resilience through digitization and AI  
  • Beyond data-as-a-service, how can AI help CSPs to improve service optimisation, customer satisfaction and revenue growth and better understand and predict customer behavior? 
  • How can CSPs use intelligent data learnings to keep B2B and B2C customers happy and loyal, lower churn and stabilize revenues? 
  • How can AI be applied to gain insights on churn prevention and other customer-related use cases such as segmentation and personalized recommendations? 
  • What are the biggest implementation roadblocks to implementing AI effectively to improve QoS and how can these be overcome? 

Panel Moderator: Dave Baldwin, Principal, AI & Analytics APAC, Altman Solon


A K M Ziaul Haque, EVP, Analytics Center of Excellence, Corporate Strategy, Robi Axiata
Prasad Jayasinghe, Head, IT Application, Ezecom
Jonathan Zheng, VP, International Department, Inspur
Paweł Mazgaj, Senior OSS Solution Manager, ComArch 


A. K. M. Ziaul Haque

EVP, Analytics Center of Excellence, Corporate Strategy
Robi Axiata

Aaron Boasman-Patel

Vice President, AI, Labs & Innovation
TM Forum

Ahmed Saady Yaamin

Head of Axiata Group Analytics

Angel Redoble

Chief Information Security Officer

Asif Muhammad Iqbal

Head of Data and AI CoE

Dave Baldwin

Principal, AI & Analytics APAC
Altman Solon

Jonathan Zheng

VP, International Department

Paweł Mazgaj

Senior OSS Solution Manager

Prasad Jayasinghe

Head, Application Engineering

Shasi Prapakaran

Head of Group Synergy & Digitisation