Keeping the customer at the center

Wednesday, 15 March 2023
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Stage: Leadership


Tony Poulos, Industry Insights Advisor, TM Forum
Dewi Rengganis, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

FIRESIDE CHAT: Delivering improved CX and resolving customer issues 

  • How AI chatbots, advanced data analytics and new techniques in self-service, digital channel management, customer journey management, campaign management, and modernized CRM are positively transforming ROI models of new customer engagement initiatives 
  • Benefits of establishing a strong interconnection of all IT systems, through which customer-affecting processes flow 
  • Why telcos are getting better at delivering individualized customer experiences 
  • Profiting from the opportunities presented by being able to predict a customer’s needs ahead of an interaction 

Hitesh Kumar, IT Director, Ooredoo Myanmar
Ada Zhang, Marketing Director, Whale Cloud

FIRESIDE CHAT: Making customer need the starting point for all transformation 

  • Case study on launching “povo”, a new digital brand, to target a specific demographic (gen Y/Z), rapidly iterating / innovating the UX – over 1m subs targeting 2m subs in 2023. 
  • Meeting the need to become more agile, prioritize delivering a superior experience across the business and embrace technological advances to provide B2C and B2B customers the CX they’ve come to expect 
  • Empowering customers to alter their plans flexibly at will by delivering a more personalized experience 
  • Delivering cost-effective and robust communication capabilities to retain customer trust 

Daisuke Morikawa, CTO, KDDI Digital Life, Japan 
Jai Krishna Ramesh Palani Raj, VP Oracle Communications Applications, Oracle

CASE STUDY: How a future-proof charging infrastructure is allowing Viettel to deliver a seamless digital customer experience  

  • The role of Viettel’s in-house developed online charging solution in the company’s journey from a communications service provider to a true digital service provider 
  • How database technology can make such innovation in an essential system at the core of telecommunication infrastructure 
  • Why architecting an OSS/BSS solution based on a highly performant and scalable database architecture not only provides TCO optimization, but also realizes superior customer experience 

Nguyen Minh Đức, Telecommunications Specialist, VHT, Viettel Group
Quân Huân Vũ, Telecommunications Specialist, VHT, Viettel Group
Shahed Mazumder, Global Director, Telco Solutions, Aerospike

PANEL DISCUSSION: The future of telecoms customer experience: intelligent, hyper-personalized and data-driven 

  • How can we overcome legacy technology-driven impediments to deliver the kind of omnichannel CX that customers today expect? 
  • Creating omnichannel structures for business customers as well as consumers, so that they too can deliver a best-in-class experience for their own customers 
  • Using data and advanced analytics capabilities to power a seamless experience and interactions across multiple channels—including apps, call centers, retail spaces and beyond—throughout the customer journey 

Tony Poulos, Industry Insights Advisor, TM Forum in conversation with 
Sathish Kumar, Global Program Director – 5G Solutions Engineering, HCL Tech 
Apostolos Kallis, Chief Commercial Officer, Etiya


Ada Zhang

Marketing Director
Whale Cloud

Apostolos Kallis


Daisuke Morikawa

KDDI Digital Life

Dewi Rengganis

Senior Industry Analyst
Frost & Sullivan

Hitesh Kumar

IT Director
Ooredoo Myanmar

Nguyễn Minh Đức

Telecommunications Specialist, VHT
Viettel Group

Ramesh Palani

VP Oracle Communications Applications

Sathish Kumar

Global Program Director - 5G Solutions Engineering
HCL Tech

Shahed Mazumder

Global Director, Telecom Solutions

Tony Poulos

Industry Insights Advisor
TM Forum

Vũ Quân Huân

Telecommunications Specialist, VHT
Viettel Group