New services, new revenues, new customers

Tuesday, 14 March 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Stage: Deep Dive

Joann O'Brien, VP Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum
Tony Poulos, Contributing Analyst, TM Forum

PANEL: Reigniting growth and capturing new value by going beyond connectivity 

  • Developing a clear strategy for drive growth beyond connectivity
  • E-commerce, gaming, fintech – which non-core services have the greatest potential for maximizing revenue growth and competitive advantage?
  • What are the challenges of launching new businesses beyond connectivity?
  • Ecosystems, platforms, solutions – what is required to offer non-core services and move beyond connectivity?

Moderator: Joann O'Brien, VP Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum
Dr. Sharlene Thiagarajah, CEO, TM Research & Development
Ricky Chau, Chief Strategy Officer, CBC Tech
Kelvin Chua, Head of R&D, Circles.Life
Susan White, Head of Strategy and Portfolio Marketing, Netcracker 

Successfully monetizing IoT 

  • Deciding where to position your company in the IoT market and what role to play in the IoT value chain
  • Identifying the right ecosystem partners in the value chain
  • Lack of standards, privacy concerns – addressing the barriers to IoT monetization
  • How to monetize existing capabilities and assets
  • Examining the “as-a-service” model and implementing a transaction-based monetization system

Sander Veraar, VP of Product Management, Presales, Delivery, StarHub

CASE STUDY: Driving a best-in-class customer experience for CelcomDigi customers 
Mahsuri Sharkawi, Special Projects Customer Success, CelcomDigi 
Aps Chikhalikar, Head of Telecom, Media and Tech, APJ, ServiceNow

PANEL: 5G edge era: Spurring innovation with telco assets
Moderator: Geok Chwee Ong, CEO, Bridge Alliance
Asnee Wipatawate, Head of Enterprise Telecom Technology Product, AIS
Michael Lesniak, Director of Business Development and Partnerships, Global Business GroupSK Telecom
Thomas Kessler, Managing Partner, Detecon Asia-Pacific 


Aps Chikhalikar

Head of Telecom, Media, Technology (APJ)

Asnee Wipatawate

Head of Enterprise Telecom Technology Product

Dr. Sharlene Thiagarajah

TM Research & Development

Geok Chwee Ong

Bridge Alliance

Joann O’Brien

Vice President, Digital Ecosystems
TM Forum

Kelvin Chua

Head of R&D Engineering

Mahsuri Sharkawi

Special Projects Customer Success

Michael Lesniak

Senior Manager, Business Development and Partnerships, Global Business Group
SK Telecom

Ricky Chau

Chief Strategy Officer
CBC Tech

Sander Veraar

VP Strategic Services and Head of Enterprise Product

Susan White

Head of Strategy and Marketing

Thomas Kessler

Managing Partner
Detecon Asia-Pacific

Tony Poulos

Industry Insights Advisor
TM Forum